12 décembre 2022

Why Is Legalism Bad

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There is probably no sin tolerated or more prevalent in the Christian world than legalism. It may surprise you to hear this called a sin. Legalists are considered somewhat overzealous or « tense, » but they are generally not considered sinners in the same sense as adulterers, thieves, liars, and others. On the contrary, legalists seem to care about holiness. Although legalism and license are both sins, it seems that legalism is more dangerous. Not only is it condemned much more in the New Testament, but it is also sin that traps many more Christians. Traditions are probably the most common in the field of legalism. Every church has certain traditions that would trigger a heresy if changed. Examples come in many forms, including communion, which always takes place on the same Sunday of the month, or a Christmas play each year. The idea behind these traditions is not to hinder but to worship. Great post Jeremy. Describes what legalism is and how to dismantle it. I never considered myself a legalist, but obviously I was simply applying a different set of less draconian rules than others.

It wasn`t until I was seriously grilled by an extremely legalistic church that I woke up and realized what was missing. It was boundless grace. It wasn`t a few years ago (but not that long). Jeremy helped me a lot to understand what God really looked like. he is like Christ. Strange that I managed to forget that. God is not angry with us and never has been. Legalism is what I think will end the institutional church. It is important to note that legalism and temple worship (church building) is accompanied by surveillance – church attendance, participation in groups, obedience and submission to the authority of leaders.

The result is a faith based on work and grace is lost in rules and regulations. So what is not legalism, but it is often called legalism? But sometimes the doctrine of legalism emerges after someone has accepted the gospel of grace by faith. The new believer asks, « What must I do to please God? » Instead of reminding the new believer that God is already completely satisfied with him because God sees Jesus in him, he receives these instructions: « Go to church, abstain from evil, be generous with your money, etc. » This would be another variant of legalism. This is not legalism for the purpose of attaining salvation; It is legalism for the purpose of advancing in sanctification by doing good works. Most likely, if we confront those who believe in legalism, they will not take it well and may even be hostile to us. Even if they are, it is preferable to educate the ecclesial community about the truth of legalism and the many errors it contains. To better understand this question, which we call legalism, we need to look at what legalism is and identify the three types of legalism that prevail today. Then we need to look at what God`s Word says about it and how we can combat the effects of legalism on our churches and lives. Legalism is not about attacking sin as taught in the Bible.

It`s about adding stupid rules like not swearing, smoking, dancing, etc. Mark Ballenger writes: « The way to avoid legalism in Christianity is to have good deeds with good motives, to obey God`s law out of relational love for Him. » To change our mindset, we need to ask ourselves the tough questions. What are our motivations? What does God say about this? Is this in accordance with God`s law? If we examine our hearts, we will all find that legalism is watching us. No one is immune. Each day will be an opportunity to repent and turn away from our evil ways and thus shape our personal journey of faith. I hope you understand why legalism is so dangerous. The truth is that there is nothing good that will come out of it. Instead of producing freedom, joy and peace, it will produce slavery, despair and despair. And yet, many Christian churches today are riddled with legalism, but pastors are too « nice » to stand up to the legalists and say, « You won`t do that in this church! » Today`s evangelical church is plagued by « kindness. » Somehow, we came up with the idea that being like Jesus always means being kind, not offending anyone, never confronting anyone.

But if we want to be like Jesus, we have to face sin. And legalism is a sin! Ballenger, Mark. Apply God`s Word to Mark Ballenger`s teaching service. 30 June 2016. applygodsword.com/how-to-avoid-legalism-in-christianity/. Legalism teaches us that we should try to gain favor before God through our actions. Instead of relying on the promise of redemption through the finished work of Jesus, legalism seeks to convey that we must gain favor before God through our actions. Note: There is a difference between legalism and a godly life. As Christians, our lives should reflect the inner change we have experienced through our saving relationship with Jesus.

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