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Michigan Law on Selling Puppies

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Michigan pet stores that sell mammals that are not farm animals or rodents must comply with Public Law 287. 1. A kennel, kennel or commercial establishment that sells animals; or One important thing about these puppy sales laws is that they may not apply to everyone. In other words, laws may be limited to a specific category of people, such as dog breeders, kennel operators, or other pet stores. Fifteen of the twenty-eight states make it illegal for anyone to sell a minor puppy. Other states limit regulation to pet stores, pet dealers or ranchers. Like many pet sales laws (commonly referred to as « puppy lemons laws »), the purpose of these laws is to curb the distribution of puppies from unregulated sources such as puppy mills, rather than prevent sales from those who are not in the breeding sector (i.e., people who simply give an unwanted litter). Note that OK revoked its regulation in the rules of commercial breeders on the sale or transfer of cats and dogs under 8 weeks old in 2014 Section 802.201 also states that rules establishing minimum standards must prohibit a dog or cat breeder from selling, exchanging or giving away an animal before the animal is eight weeks old. In many states, only the movement of minor dogs or cats in commerce results in a violation of laws. For example, the law could only affect the importation or transportation of puppies or kittens for sale in the state, as is the case in Florida, Indiana and Illinois.

States such as Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania include the adoption or transfer of a minor puppy in their laws. Since the purpose of most of these laws is to curb the sale of underage dogs and protect both dogs and consumers, some parts are excluded from these laws. As you might expect, many states exclude nonprofit animal shelters or humane societies from the laws. This type of exclusion becomes necessary when considering unwanted puppies that are often left at the door of such organizations. In addition, some states have provisions that exclude traders regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) who provide dogs for research purposes. Under Article 122125, « pet dealer » means a person who sells dogs or cats, or both, in retail stores and who, in respect of the sale of dogs and cats, is required to hold a licence under Article 6066 of the Revenue and Tax Code. Upon notice and possibility of an evidentiary hearing under the Michigan APA: Acquire, Display, Offer for Sale, Sell or Give (330 CMR 12.05) Cannot import less than eight weeks M.G.L.A. 129 § 39G Pet stores, like all pet owners and pet keepers, are also required to provide proper care.

Adequate care includes the provision of adequate feed, water, sanitation, housing, exercise and veterinary care to keep the animal healthy. For more information, see the Michigan Penal Code. (1) $500 for each offence, except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this subsection. There are no specific requirements for the sale, barter, transfer or offer for sale, exchange or transfer of a dog or cat less than 8 weeks old for pet stores and large kennels. « pet store » means a retail establishment where dogs or cats are sold, bartered, bartered, bartered or offered for sale to the public as pets in retail stores. This definition does not include breeding facilities or animal rescue organisations. Importing or exporting for sale, adoption or transfer or offering for sale, adoption or transfer of dogs or cats less than eight weeks old, unless the dog or cat is transported with its mother. For pet stores importing animals from abroad, you can find import regulations for certain animals on MDARD`s animal movement pages. The mayor shall issue rules fixing specific fines for violations of each provision of this subchapter; provided that fines do not exceed: Dogs must begin heartworm treatment prior to importation and test negative for microfilariae. The tests, drug(s) administered, dose administered and date should be indicated on the CVI. Under the Enabling Act, any person or officer or employee of a person who contravenes this Title or any legal notice or order under this Title will be liable to a fine of up to $5,000 per violation in a civil proceeding and will be convicted of a Class B offence in a criminal proceeding.

Pet turtles: a source of germs This website explains the potential germs associated with owning a pet turtle. With the exception of dog-wolf hybrids*, the State of Michigan has no specific international movement requirements for dogs. Please visit the USDA pet travel website to check other agencies` requirements. 1. Please contact the destination country to know their needs. Civil penalty: In accordance with section 35-80-113, any person who contravenes a provision of this section or a rule made under this section is liable to a civil penalty determined by the Commissioner. The maximum penalty cannot exceed one thousand dollars per violation. The certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian and is valid for 30 days from the date of examination of the animal. For more information, see the health certificate instructions. Definition in § 605/2: « Dog dealer » means any person who sells, offers for sale, barters or offers to adopt dogs in this state with or without charge or donation. However, a person who sells only dogs that he has produced and bred is not considered a dog dealer for the purposes of this Act, and a veterinary clinic or clinic operated by one or more veterinarians licensed under the Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Practice Act, 2004 is not considered a dog dealer under that Act.

« Cat Breeder » means a person who sells, offers for sale, barters or offers for adoption with or without charge Cats that he has produced and raised. A person who owns, owns or harbours 5 or fewer females capable of breeding is not considered a cat breeder. « Dog breeder » means a person who sells, offers for sale, exchanges or offers for adoption dogs that he has produced and raised.

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