21 septembre 2022

1960S Cartoon Canine Law Enforcer Crossword Clue

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@Twangster – Now you have done it. Complaints about Wordle posts now require everyone to publish their Wordle results. Themes laws. Wordle 441 5/6 * 🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛🟩🟩⬛⬛🟩🟩🟩⬛⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩Remember, Scroll By.Hand Up for SNObbY and SNOoTY match the rating, but SNOTTY is something completely different. Hand Up for an easy Saturday. LET DRY – Hmmmm, closer to Rex than @Lewis and @Muse on it. Maybe because I also had dry air at first and that`s a superior response, IMO. When I think about it, I think LET DRY seems so passive. I can`t easily find a phrase where I would use LET DRY. OTOH, air DRY is in the language. I wrote in pei, but immediately asked me if it was Lin.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was designed by Maya LIN, so, yes, here`s a name I think every American should know. I immediately searched the note MANI PEDI. I still like it. This central stack looks like cover ideas for a harlequin romance. (Do they still publish harlequin novels?) @LMS – As far as apostrophes are concerned, I think that written conventions, unlike oral language, tend to persist, and I suspect that apostrophe conventions will push back the idea of change. Not because there is something sacred about apostrophical use, but only because it is useful for clarity of understanding. Surprisingly fast solution for me and only a few search options. LIN, SHELBY, ORA and DANNY may have been grumpy, but I rarely give Friday or Saturday puzzles a big chance before visiting Uncle G. They`re usually not worth it, especially if Costco has pizza, as an alternative to looking at the empty squares and wishing for Monday. I have now read Danny Deever, who is considered « the most important of Kipling`s early works, » and I have come to the conclusion that I don`t need to hurry up and read more of him. If it`s as good as it gets, maybe the K-man isn`t for me.

ASKEW before ATILT. SNOBBY before SNOTTY. Yays: The MANI-PEDI index was great. Digital storage. Har. In addition, SIRI is suspended around two deeper rows and makes its own ranking. I had a crush on Suzanne Somers until she went out with the thigh exercise machine. So my love for her seemed cheap. STEAMED OPEN is a gentle connection between shells and letters. Unfortunately, all the other long transverse and low ones seem boring. I find it amazing that these long side-by-side exist, but the six as a whole are not very zoomy. Boos:EYE UP? NERVOUS and worse even DIRTY.

Like yesterday, the dog days of summer force our lonely editors at NYTXW to make their tee-hees (LNETHS) possible anyway. These New York studios without air conditioning are too hot to (apparently) calm down. But my pearl reaction is not one-way. Dirty-minded is a derogatory remark invented by the right people who bring you the equally useless and patriarchal celebration of virginity on Thursday. How about letting your mind and body be what they want to be without so much Judge McJudgerson and extending politeness to the rest of humanity? Uniclues:1 The one who will be forgotten tomorrow.2 Wear flip-flops without gloves.3 Mariachi`s members in their underwear wait for the sun to solve the problem of mixing guantanamera and tequila.4 He finally went home.5 Dirty heads according to NYTXW.1 HEYDAY RAP STAR2 EXPOSES MANI-PEDI3 SENORS LET DRY4 SEXILED NO MORE5 SHADIER NADIRS (~) I hesitated between SNOOTY and SNOBBY, Both actually mean « stuck. » But « SNOTTY » means something else: cheeky and scandalous. I feel like the editors were so excited to have the ambiguity – what Rex calls a « Kialoa » – that they kept wondering if the clue really made sense. Why is the note for SEXILED added at the end « in a certain way »? It`s a perfect clue without it, especially in a Saturday puzzle. Out of curiosity, I did a clue search on IN A WAY on XWordInfo. It has been used 100 times since November 2021. Usually, the index contains a generic stock or state that can have different meanings; Or the clue or response can act as different parts of the language depending on the context.

Examples:• Coverage, in a certain way – VEIL • Smooth, in a certain way – SAND• Takes a car, in a certain way – UBERS• Prioritize, in a certain way – RANK• Age, in a certain way – GRAY• Show your humanity, in a certain way – ERRIn all, the answer is a specific determination of the more general thing presented in the note. But today we get the ultra-specific index: • Temporarily banned from a dormitory » But only « in a certain way. » What else could the index make you think of? Cockroaches, with EXFORATED in response? Even if you`ve never heard the term « banned, » I don`t see how « somehow » is necessary or useful here. In fact, it put me off for a second.≈≈≈I would prefer an 18a reference to that. @Andrew, Superior Opie hints!@ Nancy, I`m still listening. The puzzle was way too easy for a Saturday, but there was a boost to the ego. I don`t even remember the last time I commented here, but SENORS is terrible. (I`m okay with dropping the tilde for an English crossword puzzle and using it both as ñ in one direction and as n in the other, but forcing the English/spanglish plural is something I was surprised to see. I was fine with AEONS. Thus.

For example, can an entire customer base be tagged by Denny`s? In college (before electricity), the term was missing, but not quite the concept.

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